Fig Rolls

1 C Barley flour

1 C Brazil Nuts

7 Dates

½ C Water

¼ t Salt

Grind the Brazil nuts smooth.

Blend the dates with the Barley flour.

Put the nuts and flour in a bowl 

With the salt and water and mix together.

Knead more barley flour into the dough.

Roll out the size of a pie more square like.

Spread the figs over the dough and roll it up.

Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes.  

Let it cool and slice.


2 C figs

10 Dates


Grind the figs and date together with just enough water to make it nice for spreading on the dough.


  Blueberry Special

2 C Blueberries

2 Dried Bananas

10 Dates

1 ½ C Orange Juice

Cut the bananas and dates into small pieces.

Soak them all together with berries  for an hour 

Or over night and serve with cashew topping.


 Sesame Cream

¾ C Water

1 C Sesame Raw Seeds

10 Dates

Blend and serve on cereal and fruit and breads


Pecan Delight


1 Banana

¼ C Pecans

Blend banana and pecans

and use as a pudding or

pour over fresh fruit or cereal.