Kitchen Tips

1.Make an effort to allow yourself more time than you think the project will take to be finished and cleaned up in time for the time of use.  So many times it can get to be a rush and a wonder at the last minute.

2.Put on your best, your family is the most important.  We don’t want to scare anyone.

3.Plan for the use of yeast products for the second day after baked.

4.In place of spices use things like celery, fresh sweet bell peppers, lemon juice,   tomato juice, carob, dates, coconut.

5.Drink the water before or after the meal so it does not interfere with digestion.

6. Clean up as you progress through the day.

7.The more simple and nourishing the better, than to meet the sweet tooth craving.

8.The fresher the better, with less cooking.

9.Meet the scheduled time for regular mealtime, so it’s easier on the digestion.

10.Nothing between meals, so the stomach and the mind are ready for the enjoyment of the coming meal.

11.As much as possible use the fruits at one meal and the vegetables at the next meal.

12.Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for dinner, and eat like a pauper for supper.

13.Eating before bedtime can cause a restless night, and cause weight gain.

14.When there are not enough hot pads use the oven mitt.

15.Use as simple a variety as possible and still be palatable.

16.For Garlic toast, rub the fresh clove over the fresh toast.

17.When you want your chives small use the scissors to cut fresh chives or green onions.

18.Be sure to have mild exercise after the meal and not sit down and do nothing.

19.Remember to write your shopping list, as soon as the things pop into your head write it down.  I find with a last minute list some things are left out and forgotten.

20.Remember to rinse the sprouts!

21.Plan to make the leftovers interesting or different than at the start.

22.Use your own imagination to put with the recipes.

23.Use a centerpiece or conversation piece.

24.For making finer breadcrumbs, dry the bread and place in a paper or plastic bag and use the rolling pin to crush them.

25.Sometimes when rolling small pieces of dough, it is handy to use just a short round piece of wood or plastic glass.

26.Sprigs of just picked evergreens give a fresh scent to the atmosphere.

27.Fresh edible flowers add more color to your salad.

28.The best time for using bananas is when they are just starting to get freckles.

29. Use as much organic food as possible.